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Airport Commission

Mission Statement:
  The mission of the Rushford Airport Commission is to study the needs of the general aviation public and make recommendation to the City Council for long range strategic goals and objectives which will enhance the safety of the flying public.



  • OPEN POSITION,Chairperson
  • OPEN POSITION, Commissioner
  • OPEN POSITION, Commissioner
  • OPEN POSITION, Commissioner
  • Andrew Linder, Council Rep.

Meetings:  The Rushford Airport Commission meets the third Monday of each month at 6:30 pm at the Rushford Municipal Aiport, which is located 4 miles

west of the City of Rushford on Highway 30, meetings are often held at City Hall. For information you may call City Hall at 507-864-2444  Thank you.

For more information about current operations at the Rushford Municipal Airport please contact Tony Chladek, City Admin/Airport Manager at 507-864-2444 or rushford@acegroup.cc.


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