City of Rushford

City of Parks, Trees, and Trails
Photo montage: a girl looking a flowers, an iron park bench amid fallen autumn leaves, a family holding hands and walking in a park, and a dim sunset

Rushford Fire Department

photo credit Barb Jeffers
photo credit Barb Jeffers



  • Chad Rasmussen - Fire Chief
  • Paul Corcoran - Asst. Chief
  • Nick Smith - Asst. Chief
  • Royal Anderson, Jordan Brand, Logan Brand, Josh Brown, Isaiah Bunke, Nick Corcoran, Curt Courrier, Tim Diepenbrock, Cole Doblar, Gerrad Eide, Tucker Eide, Mike Evenson, Adam Gady, Alicia Gady, Jordy Graham, Craig Hanson, Tyler Hoskins, Brent Johnson, Damien Kreidermacher, Dakota Larimer, Blake Lea, Evan Meier, Jeffrey O'Donnell, Nathan Peterson, Lucas Rasmussen, Travis Skalet, Jeremiah Smith, Nick Smith 

Public Safety Emergency Resources 


Federal Emergency Management Agency 

 Region V FEMA 312-408-5500

Small Business Administration Disaster Resources

Disaster Area Offices 404-347-3771


Salvation Army Divisional Emergency Disaster Services Director

800-457-7104 or 651-746-3415

Preparing and Planning for an Emergency


Last updated 2/26/2024
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