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City of Parks, Trees, and Trails
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The Rushford Community Ambulance Service is a Basic Life Support Service. We are staffed by 16 trained volunteer EMT’S/EMR'S providing quality care with state-of-the-art equipment  to the citizens in the cities of Rushford, Rushford Village, Peterson and the surrounding rural townships. The Rushford First Responders are an integral part of the Emergency Medical Services provided.

Medical Director
Dr. Chris Watras, MD 

Ambulance Director
Joey Busse
Assistant Ambulance Director & Finance Officer
Paul Corcoran 

Training Officers 
 Karen Rislov 

Maintenance Officer
Curt Courrier 

Ambulance Crew Pictured
Jaden Christensen, Andrea Brand, Amber Skree, David Brand, Alisa Payne, Luther Berge, Karen Rislov, Paul Corcoran, Lynn Humble, Joey Busse, Alicia Gady, Shannon Meier, Curt Courrier, Nate Klinski, Evan Meier

Ambulance Crew Not Pictured:  Drivers Isaiah Bunke, Nick Corcoran, and Chad Rasmussen



Last updated 9/27/2023
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